30 Year old Wallet found in Ritz club in Manchester

A 30 year old wallet has been found in the O2 Ritz in Manchester – If you’ve ever been On the Sesh and lost your wallet then all may not be lost in it being returned…..eventually!

The contents of the brown leather wallet takes us back to yesteryear, its contents included a bank card from the now obsolete Midland Bank, 12 pence in change, a Cheshire Library Card, University of Manchester Whitworth Park Residents’ Association card from the academic year 1985/86 and a payslip, all belonging to an Elizabeth Sarah Dale.

Speaking about the find, Chris Mann, O2 Ritz’s bar manager, said: “We were clearing out the other day and it had fallen down the back of a radiator.

“She would been about 18 or 19 back then, so might be in her early 50s.

“It’s coming up to our 90th birthday so it might be nice to reunite it with its owner.

“We want to find out what they were doing in the Ritz and whether they actually­ remember it.”


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