Above & Beyond and anamē feat. Marty Longstaff – Gratitude [SPECIAL TRANCELATION]

Anjuna bosses Above & Beyond 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇫🇮 are teaming up with anamē, the new project by Marcus Schossow 🇸🇪 & Thomas Sagstad 🇳🇴, and their longtime collaborator Marty 🇬🇧 on the vocals. anamē may be their latest, but the relationship between the two started around 2007 with joint releases on Oxygen Records, Global Underground, Tone Diary (Marcus’ label), and Spinnin’ Records. Other than that, Thomas worked with exceptional names like Sebjak, Sultan & Shepard, & Kaskade. As for Marcus, he is a household name in the EDM scene thanks to his openness to various styles and his constantly fresh output. Vocalist Marty worked with the trio on successful hits like Tightrope & Flying By Candlelight. He also works on other projects such as The Lake Poets, B>E>A>K, and White Legs. This is a Special because it is my perfect birthday gift, so let’s unwrap it!

Groovy breakbeats build up the intro with a glimpse of piano melodies. For the centerpiece of the track, Marty’s mesmeric voice sings a heart-touching poem that will steal your heart away. Gratifying euphoric melodies bring us closer to warmth and love in a moment that will surely bring you goosebumps… The vocals and melodies are, quite simply, a match made in heaven! Harmonious synths and groovy beats take us to the second verse where emotions make another leap. A picturesque of a treasured feeling, gratitude for the one who stays close by on happy and sad days. Then, uplifting breaks give a final boost to the final climax. And lastly, the outro leaves us on a high note owing to tender beats, tuneful kicks, symphonic melodies, and vocals.

A soulful, warmhearted, and cantabile track. We want to express my gratitude for those who stayed by our side, supported us in my darkest and brightest days, and Everyone remembers the visuals from the live premiere: “I hope you know life is so much better together, the person next to you, look into their eyes, there is love there”. We would like to say the same to our fans… thank you!

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