Asteroid – Voices Of Gaia (Special Trancelation)

The 1st Special Trancelation since our comeback is here, and you know well that we only choose what’s worthy of that designation! This time, we have the exceptional comeback of 🇳🇱 talent Asteroid to Sneijder’s Afterdark, following his hit ‘Home’. ‘Voices Of Gaia’ came from the womb of a struggle, that of Asteroid and his mom as she fought cancer. The melodies, synths, ideas.. everything was composed during those hard times. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to hear this song on Earth, but she’s resting in peace from her battle… Asteroid channeled his grief & sorrow into finishing the track, putting in his very best effort to convey his emotions, which resulted in the most emotional track he has ever created.

Intense dynamic beats & peppy riffs set a foundation of passionate energy, as the vocal loop & riveting synths set on their path to the crux of the track. Choirs, blissful orchestra-style melodies & drums, topped with fiery arps… they all speak on his behalf. His sadness, his grief, his love for his mother, everything! The mega-powered uplifting synth turns the melodies into euphoric ones, bringing the whole setup to a new level. Fiery drums then let the cat out of the bag, announcing a melodramatic climax of tuneful melodies, captivating beats, and uplifting synths. Like I said, this is probably his best creation ever, and that’s saying a lot in his case!

After appreciating this beauty, we would like once again to express our deep condolences to the family. Music, especially Trance, is our favorite way of expressing all kinds of emotions; when artists set their minds on honoring their loved ones, it becomes an unbeatable medium to transfer their experiences. Lastly, for a glimmer of good news, Asteroid has been appointed A&R @ RAM’s Nocturnal Knights, so good luck to him on his new adventure!-

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