Aurosonic, Costa & Cathy Burton Feat. Julia Violin – Can I Count On You

Aurosonic, Costa & Cathy Burton Feat. Julia Violin – Can I Count On You

RATING: (18.2/20)
Energy: 8.8/10
Emotions: 9.4/10

Konstantin Gerasimov 🇷🇺, aka Costa, is well-known for his alluring vocal Trance records. The Raz Nitzan Music (RNM) veteran also has releases on Abora, Infrasonic, Alter Ego, & Trance-All Stars etc. He has collaborated with many legendary RNM artists like Ana Criado, Maria Nayler, Sarah Lynn, Ellie Lawson & of course Cathy Louise Burton 🇬🇧. You might have seen her name on many classics from Armin van Buuren, Beat Service (now known as Madison Mars), Omnia, LTN & many more. That’s certainly not a product of luck, and thanks to her consistency, her vocals are still outstanding just like back then. This team-up also includes Aurosonic 🇷🇺 whom we’ve reviewed before + Julia Bunina 🇷🇺 aka Julia Violin. Can We Count On Them for this one? Let’s hear it!

Kicking off with breezing melodies & deep beats that bring the refreshing summer style. As the enticing melodies create the emotional aura, Cathy’s magnetic vocals make their entry to light up the emotional atmosphere, not to forget the catchy & tender lyrics. Melodramatic violin strings triple the emotions & increase the caliber of the track through making the vocals shinier & the song more sensational. All the elements mix well to create a harmonic climax that truly demonstrates the quality of the record. It’s more Progressive House than Trance but it’s an emotive vocal record, as expected from them.

OH YES! we can definitely count on them for a dazzling vocal tune.
Cathy’s charismatic vocals, touching lyrics, the duo & Costa’s stunning production & Julia’s brilliant violin string melodies collectively yielded this amazing result. The official MV is also amazing as it expresses the beauty of waves at the shore. This 9+ minute trancer is one of the biggest collaborations from RNM this year.

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