Bloke Goes To Pub, Wakes Up 1,675 Miles Away With No Memory

We’ve all been there: your eyes open after a night ‘OnTheSesh’ and you have absolutely no idea where you are….or how you got there!

Times that by a Million and your not even half way to understanding the absolute head fuck a Romanian bloke managed to achieve after a night out!

The last thing Mihai Danciu remembers is being in his local, chatting to his mates about finding a job and no doubt enjoying a nice pint or 20. Next thing he knows, it’s a week later, he’s on the ground with a black eye and everyone around him is talking a different language.

Somehow, Mr Danciu had gone from the pub in his hometown of Albesti, Romania, to lying face down in the courtyard of a Central London building, 1,675 miles away. Stranger still, he appeared to have been beaten and had no idea how he got there. Absolute nightmare, but that’s exactly what happened.

Still recovering from what it’s probably fair to assume was one of the most horrific hangovers of all time, the confused drinker was taken to Whipps Cross hospital, where a Romanian nurse spoke to him and confirmed that he was indeed in London.

She wrote: “He was found drunk and it looks like he had been beaten up, he was in a courtyard.

“He was brought to our hospital, but he told me he doesn’t know anyone in London and he was amazed to find he was no longer in Romania.

“He has no idea how we got to London. If someone knows him and wants to send me a private message I can pass it on to him. He is admitted to the department where I work.”

Local media in Romania have now taken it upon themselves to solve the mystery and have confirmed that he was last seen drinking with his friends a week earlier.

Neighbours said that Danciu had lived with his partner and their children in her grandparents’ home at least until recently, but that he had disappeared a week ago.

One neighbour said: “He was a really nice guy, although of late he hasn’t been himself because he drinks too much.

“The drink caused him memory loss in the past, so it’s no wonder that he ended up like this.”

For now, the events that led him to London are still unclear, but one things for sure, it’s not going to be an easy one to explain to his girlfriend.

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