Charlotte De Witte – Asura EP [MULTI TRANCELATION]

Today we go Techno as we welcome superstar Charlotte 🇧🇪, previously known as Raving Garage. She released her debut Obverse EP on Crux Records, followed by releases on Bad Life, Mahtrasher, & Bonerizing Records. Her collaboration with Oscar and the Wolf, You’re Mine, became her best hit and signaled the time to ditch the neutral alias and embrace her real name. As a DJ, she had already won the Studio Brussel contest and performed at Tomorrowland by the end of 2011. Trancers may have heard her remixes for Trance classics like Jonas & Stephenson’s The First Rebirth, Jerome Isma-Ae’s Hold That Sucker Down, & Age Of Love’s The Age Of Love. After that last remix, she’s back with a new EP on her label KNTXT, founded in 2019.


Energy: 9.7/10
Emotion: 9/10

This lead track of the EP (and also our favorite) is based on an addictive mixture of dark choirs and trippy acid synths. It may not be much, but it progresses nicely to meet up with the celestial, trancy synth that will share the center stage from then on. We get an intense breakdown section with just the two synths eating off each other, and they’re slowly joined by the other elements. I especially like the transitions and how the track carries itself in the sections without percussions.

Energy: 9.4/10
Emotion: 8.4/10

Another one based on a choir loop, though this time it’s a bit more processed. Also, there is heavy use of acid fills and industrial FXs that fulfill the progression alongside the filthy bass. It’s essentially a filler follow-up to Asura, maintaining similar vibes and ways.

Energy: 10/10
Emotion: 8/10

What’s remarkable, other than this being the most “dirty” or energetic, is the sound design. Some neat processing brings forth an intriguing “bubbly” feel from common acid synths. And the treat is complete with hefty rolling bass, some complementary fx, and its share of choirs. This one could work on any kind of dance floor!

Asura is a banger in disguise, Soma is a follow-up, and Stigma is a speaker-wrecker!

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