Clarks – Matira

Clarks – Matira

RATING: (18.1/20)
Energy: 9/10
Emotions: 9.1/10

Once more, we’re sailing to Magic Island archipelago following our previous visit to Elevate for Cloudriver. Clarks 🇳🇱, our host for today, is an act that has been in the scene since the late 2000s. Though a regular on Magic Island since 2015, you’d also find him on Emergent, Nukleuz, Midnight Coast. He also remixed legends Re:Locate, Robert Nickson, Sarah Russell on RNM. Interestingly, he worked with Platen several times and has an alias, Arystona, for slightly clubbier stuff. The latest Magic Island Compilation (Vol. 9) begins with his production “Cayo Largo” that did get a full release, which goes to show how influential he is as a roster artist on Roger Shah’s label! Now it’s time to look at his new one, Matira! 

Matira is a beach located in Bora Bora 🇵🇫, that title alone not only fits the theme of the label but also sets an expectation of some deep chill vibes. Starting slow & steady with a calm ambiance to set the foundation of this deep house production. As the beats progress to the breakdown, warm pads, sounds of water flowing & balearic guitar synths evoke the sunny feeling of being in Matira. This goes further with minimal trance plucks creating a simple yet effective melody, accompanied by a solid groove that’s hard to resist. The fillers during the climax lift the bright mood, what it would feel like to live the life over there with those guitar plucks, strings & retroactive textures. A pause for the Balearic essence of the guitar merges with the beats accompanied with some voices creating a beautiful harmony. 

This production teleports us to summer and arouses our nostalgia. Clarks yet again made something stellar, it’s impressive how he took his progressive sound and went deeper & slower while keeping a classy tinge. Indeed, this is a nice way to kickstart Magic Island Vol. 10, we can’t wait for it!

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