Coked Up Banker Tries Insane Swimming Pool Stunt On 30th Birthday, It Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

OK first of all I have no idea if this guy is actually coked up or not, but he’s a Russian banker celebrating his 30th birthday at what looks like a private property’s indoor swimming pool so I’m just making an educated guess of the utmost journalistic integrity when I say he’s up to his eye balls in Vodka and marching powder.

In any case, this was probably the lowlight of Dimitry Prigorodov’s birthday celebrations:

Ouch! No forward momentum whatsoever. Guy probably needs to work on his calves to get that explosive push-off next time.

Dimitry ended up suffering torn ligaments and a bruised chest and has since had two operations to heal his injured hands and legs. His left arm and leg have ‘stopped working’ completely. He told MailOnline:

It was my birthday and I rented a cottage to celebrate my anniversary.

We were celebrating and drinking alcohol.

It seemed to us that we could try and jump in principle.

Remember kids, do not mix vodka (and probably coke) with stupidity. Never ends well for anyone.

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