Defendant Shows Up To His Zoom Court Case With The Username ‘Buttf*cker 3000’

Poor guy – you can tell this wasn’t done on purpose at all because he looked genuinely shocked when he realised what happened. Just imagine how nervous and stressed you are already facing charges for possession of drug paraphrenia, only to then realise you’re logged in as ‘Buttf*cker 3000’ and make the worst first impression possible. What if he actually ends up in jail and his cellmates find out his username? God help him.

According to, the whole thing was Nathaniel’s sister’s fault:

Saxton later returned to the video conference call with the username “Nathaniel Saxaon,” appearing to have misspelled his own name. He said his sister set up the Zoom account, claiming the name was an “inside joke.”

“It’s not what you think, I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry,” Saxton said.

The judge, who chastised another defendant for wearing a hat during the virtual court session, also gave Saxton a message for his sister.

“Tell her she almost got you put in jail for contempt of court,” Middleton said.

What I don’t understand is how no one else on the call cracks up laughing at how ridiculous the whole situation is. I get it’s a serious setting and all but still, how can you not find that funny? Anyway, apparently he plead guilty and got away with a $200 fine, so it’s not all bad news. Will be double checking his login from now on though, that’s for sure.

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