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Music describes experiences through melodies, lyrics, and vocals. When it comes to Trance, producers use a large arsenal of elements to deliver an immersive message, story, or view.

An example of that is DreamLife 🇵🇱, the icon of Orchestral Uplifting Trance. His melodramatic orchestral take on Uplifting Trance enchants our hearts. We’ve previously recapped some of our favorites, such as his remix for “Goodbye My Past” by Tsuki Shizumutoki, and “Blossom” with Moniqa Adams. Another worthy mention is “Love Strings” with his great friend SounEmot.

Aside from being an Abora Recordings regular, he signed releases on Sundance, Trancer Recordings, Beyond The Stars (Aerodynamica), Redux, and VERSE (Equinox).

Now it’s time for a new scene full of goosebumps, his own imagination of Mountain Waterfall!

DreamLife depicts the graceful Mountain Waterfall using orchestral synths and mellifluous piano & flute melodies. Perhaps there could have been more expressive sound effects like water flowing and birds singing.

Circumambient synths take the lead in the uplifting breakdown, a delightful bridge into the heavenly climax. Upon crossing, we are galvanized by dazzling beats and kicks, taking us up in the air step by step. It transports you away from your worries, straight into the picturesque waterfall.

We are fond of this euphonious approach that fits with the title. This is undoubtedly one of DreamLife’s best works!

Storytelling & blissful melodies adorned Mountain Waterfall with the support of climactic synths & emotional riffs.

Indeed, DreamLife illustrates the beauty of his own imagination and awakens our love of nature.

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