Dreamy pres. Dark Matter – Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt Third Eye Activation Remix) [SPECIAL TRANCELATION]

3 years may not be that big of a hiatus when compared to others, but this comeback carries HUGE value regardless. We’re talking about the legendary Thomas Datt 🇵🇱 🇦🇺, a Healer and DJ/Producer who adopts a particular approach towards life. He started as one of the major artists on the amazing Discover imprint with numerous releases, that include 2 albums. He then ventured onto labels such as Armada, Anjunabeats, FSOE, TechnoClub, Damaged, and for today’s topic: Landscapes Music (run by Horizons). His Trance comes with an ambient essence and he also makes Chill mixes for his records. Besides, he complements his offerings through other aliases: Asedo, D.A.T.T, & Datticus. Speaking of which, his direction as of late is towards ambient chillout music for meditation, and he even took interest in Psy-trance in line with his healing philosophy. Another way to experience that vision is through the effective healing flow of his radio show “Chronicles”. Thomas also teaches others his style of music production as he enjoys sharing his spirit. Now for this remix, the original is by another talented artist, Dreamy 🇩🇰. We covered him extensively last year for his album single “Now Is The Time” together with Claire Willis. The 2020 release under his Dark Matter alias is an industrial, trippy, progressive Tech Trancer that was ahead of the atmospheric breaks trend. Let’s see how Datt twist helped the reviewer during his dark days!

Here we have a near 10 min trancer with the notorious arrangement of an “Intro Mix”. The warm arps & dark melodies, all covered with string pads, embark on a journey to another dimension, to open your “Third Eye” as the remix suggests. I feel like this ambient beginning describes how to begin that self-reflection process after collecting all the thoughts of the situations that, for me, began around the end of March. Now onto some drums that work around this ProgLifting concept of Trance to support the atmospheric journey. The textures & FXs resemble the 1st phase: Self Reflection. I am captivated by the lengthy intro as it illustrates the time it can take to heal past wounds. Meanwhile, the basslines convey a sense of progress in the rumination process. As the bassline & groove go acid, the old-school Trance essence is fermented and it adds variety to the original version. To me, it is defining the strength required to heal efficiently. Then comes the busy breakdown, the signature Datt sound via his chilled mixes plays a good role here, starring ambient pads, strings, liquid keys, psychedelic FXs, and an overall cinematic experience. The depth in the pattern of the keys shows a contrast between the darker lead sounds, that bring back memories, and brighter pads, that suggest how things can amend. I sense this to be the 2nd phase: Healing & Overcoming. There is a huge transition from that section to the climax, classic Trance at its finest. And no matter how long it takes for the lead sounds to appear, the lovely progressions continue to evoke a feeling of hope, of something better nearing. I feel like this is a healed mind as a result of overcoming & resolution. When the lead appears, and it’s meant for the crowd to grasp that positive mood, the Third Eye is fully activated. This is what it feels like, you are greeted by heavenly melodies, trippy basslines, and an awareness shot of the space around you. It makes your mind fearless! Indeed, I see this as the Final Phase: A Full Recovery. After taking time & self-reflecting in my own way, I feel this will pay off and I will hopefully see improvement in me and my environment. 

All this while, Datt’s Eyes signify these 3 phases to me.

When your mind is healed to its fullest and you find the right time to get back, the result is always solid; that’s how I felt while listening to the full mix. I’ve had a very rocky start this month but this tune makes me feel that 2022 will be better. Production-wise, we love how the remix brought its own uniqueness on top of the inherently exceptional original! We at Our Trancelations have witnessed a lot of pressure & dubious behavior in the scene, so we respect & understand why artists like Thomas Datt took a break. We hope for more gems like this one and for a more supportive scene as a whole!

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