Estiva pres. KUDUS & Diandra Faye – Limitless

Considered one of the biggest talents by Mr. ASOT himself, and the Trance/Progressive family as a whole, Estiva 🇳🇱 is no stranger to our blog. He produces a solitary and wide-ranging blend of Progressive & melodic Techno. Of course, he has been around the Trance block, that is most big labels like Armada, Anjuna, Escape, etc. Before this release, his latest visit to his alter egos dated back to 2007 with Sunover! But now he’s launching Kudus to explore deeper & darker areas of Progressive Trance. For his debut, he set his boundaries to be ‘Limitless’ with the help of Diandra 🇳🇱 from VocalKitchen studio. This is her Trance debut, but she is famous in the world of Hardstyle after collaborations with heavyweights like Da Tweekaz, Sub Zero Project, Hard Driver, Sephyx, & Coone! Let’s see how both of them will surpass their boundaries!

Mr. Kudus let those bad boys out early! Stalwart beats & a dynamic balearic bassline swiftly put you in a dancing mood. As it proceeds deeper with siren sounds, the energy builds its stand with the support of retro bouncy kicks. Diandra’s vitalizing vocals then enter the room with fiery, idyllic, & motivational lyrics. While the vocals establish their blazing atmosphere, the siren sounds get back in as they link up to an explosive climax. The melodies blend neatly with the groovy bass, lusty riffs, & high-powered arps, the combo we mentioned is no joke!

This new ‘Techno Tronce’ reaches places! Diandra also managed to show that her vocals can adapt to darkling, energetic productions. It would be interesting to hear her voice in another Trance tune, and indeed, we’re eager for more KudEstiva!

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