EverLight – Light The Way / Renegade Bass EP

Everlight – Light The Way / Renegade Bass EP [MULTI TRANCELATION]

RATING: (34.1/40)

After the hiatus, we decided to shed the light on new artists & record labels. So, we are proud to present a trancelation of a release from Skullduggery: the label by Tech Trance boss Greg Downey. However, today’s artist is EverLight 🇬🇧, known for his remarkable producing skills. Many heard his inspiring tunes on big labels such as AVA, FSOE Clandestine, Outburst, Nocturnal Knights Fusion, VII, Deep In Thought, & Mental Asylum. Moreover, he heads BlackNet, an imprint focusing on “hammering choons”, and he recently launched an alias called Signal Theory alongside B3. His innovative experimental nano-tech sounds earned him praise from Trance legends like John Askew, Will Atkinson, Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry, & Alex Di Stefano.

Light The Way

Energy: 9.6/10
Emotions: 7.5/10

Mega-powered dark beats & kicks open the gates with inspiring vocals. Steering with retro synths followed by oldskool melodies and female vocals on top– tech energy rises to speedy-dashing energy. Melodies & wild arps join the 2nd climax to level up this dancefloor killer. It sure will Light all The Way when you play this while driving, yet it’s also a definite festival tool!

Renegade Bass

Energy: 9.8/10
Emotions: 7.2/10

My favorite from the EP. Although a bit short, it fully manages to express how hard-hitting & punchy it is. Everlight brought the nostalgic bass & acid sound design for the oldskool style, and he also added an extra something for the next level: a rave acapella. His exceptional tech signature of lusty beats & kicks merges well with the evocative loop sounds & melodies. It brings to mind B-boy dancing and that whole atmosphere while also being club-ready. No wonder such a peculiar piece was included in John Askew’s VII compilation “From Dusk Till Dawn”!

This sledgehammer EP is the perfect teaser for his debut album “Lightspeed”, which you can pre-order now from the link in his bio. Watch out for his future tunes & remixes coming your way!

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