Feel, Andrew Mirt & Alexandra Badoi – Our Love

Let’s now take a tour around Eastern Europe for this supercharged triple team-up involving a familiar super duo: 🇷🇺 Trance legend DJ Feel & megastar Trance vocalists Alexandra 🇷🇴 who frequently collaborate for intense hits, and also a talent to bring his fresh touch. FEEL is a highly accomplished artist with releases on Armada, Black Hole, Vandit, Magik Muzik, AVA Recordings, and Russia-based imprints like Interplay & Suanda! He hosts the famous Trance radio show & event, Trancemission, which is also the name of his label. Next is Badoi, notorious nowadays for ‘Cosmos’ with Rising Star aka Armin, which won #7 @ASOT TOTY 2019 despite being in Romanian. But before that, she had worked with titans like Andrew Rayel, Snatt & Vix, Denis Kenzo, Claudiu Adam, DJ T.H., & Eximinds! The rising star for today, however, is none other than Andrew Mirt 🇷🇺. It’s time for him to take it up a notch following many releases on Suanda & Trancemission, including collabs with Vadim Bonkrashkov, Sergey Salakhov, & Natune. Let’s feel their love!

We’re robustly setting off as sturdy kicks are joined by an uplifting, dirty bassline. Straight from the red carpet, we get intriguing piano melodies & friendly vocals as Miss Badoi monopolizes the stage with her impactful, astral performance. Along with the melodramatic lyrics about passionate love, peppy riffs complete the last push towards the lively climax. It’s where festive melodies link-up with solid beats, as it all accompanies the vocals in creating a sweet, but still fiery, flavor.

Badoi brought beauty with her smooth vocals while Feel & Andrew brought dynamism… Their love is in full blossom! 

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