Girl’s House Party Pool Dive Off The Roof Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong (NSFL)

Ooof. That had to hurt. You can see the exact moment she hesitates before jumping which basically ruined the whole maneuver:

Once you’re on the run-up you’ve got to commit all the way! What was she thinking?!

The crowd reaction made it sound like this is something that happens at every pool party with her, so hopefully she wasn’t hurt too bad. Although can’t say I’m too optimistic considering her shape here:

Honestly I’m surprised she popped right back up instead of staying underwater for as long as possible. I think there might even be more dignity in almost drowning than that embarrassing re-emergence? Either way, probably best she never, ever tries that ever again.

To watch a coked-up banker try an insane swimming pool stunt on his 30th birthday and fail brutally, click HERE. A birthday to forget.

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