HQ Recordings 008, 009, 010, 011 Mega Review

HQ Recordings 008, 009, 010, 011 Mega Review

The guys at HQ Recordings fired us over their latest release this year, so we got Liz, Carl and Rick on the job to review them all as we couldn’t  just pick out one.

So here you go…

Rogue Planet – The Sixth Sense
Label: HQ Recordings
Release Date: 27.01.2020
Cat: HQ008

Reviewer: Liz




Trance & hard trance specialist ‘The Sixth Sense’ packs a punch with his debut release on HQ – The dutchman offers a superb blend of Hard trance combined with a hard uplifting melody – reminiscent of old UK Hard Trance. The etherial melody during the breakdown offers a really uplifting moment that will keep any dance floor happy. This is a perfect end track.


Reynolds & Thatcher – One Hit
Label: HQ Recordings
Release Date: 10.02.2020
Cat: HQ009

Reviewer: Rick




Phil Reynolds and Brad Thatcher team up for the first time to deliver the energy fuelled “One Hit”. Reynolds’ instantly recognisable signature sound is evident immediately! His Nukleuz releases spring to mind, a hard energy style track which now integrates perfectly into the tech trance genre. I’d best describe it as a crossover track, reminiscent to his original style but with a more uplifting feel to it. The kick is crisp and sharp with warm synths helping it build into the high energy breakdown.

A very solid track created using his tried and tested blueprint which has stood the test of time.


Binary Finary – Salvation
Label: HQ Recordings
Release Date: 24.02.2020
Cat: HQ010

Reviewer: Rick




Binary Finary are an act that need no introduction in the trance scene! Synonymous with the uplifting sound that propelled them to success, they’re back with a vengeance and this latest release is anything but generic. It’s plain to see why they’re established as one of the pioneers of the emotive breakdown, they’ve done it again with a truly uplifting production.

Surprisingly the kick is pretty tough after the intro which I wasn’t expecting, giving it that modern pumping feel which I look for when hunting for new music. It ticks all the boxes, the perfect length also.

It seems the long drawn out tracks of yesteryears are becoming less popular, DJ’s now want to squeeze as many tracks into their sets as possible. No doubt a lot of big players in the scene will be supporting this release!


Laura My – Feeling High
Label: HQ Recordings
Release Date: 09.03.2020
Cat: HQ011

Reviewer: Carl




Laura May delivers two versions of her latest release, catering for both the uplifting and hard ends of the market

First is the ‘Uplifting Mix’ the which does exactly what it says on the tin, but its not all fluffy by any means. With looped ‘I’m feeling’ vocals and nice hoover stabs on the drops leading to the main hands in the air uplifting breakdown which delivers the feels.

The next mix is for the tougher edge DJs, from the get go you can already feel the extra aggression in this mix. The hoover stabs feel more at home in this mix, and the pace of the track just keeps building from one breakdown to the next. The main big feelsy breakdown is still there but when it drops the mayhem really lets loose!

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