Influencer Who Transitioned Into Korean Woman Is Now Transitioning Back To British Man

A few years ago, white British man Oli London came out as ‘transracial’ and spent £185,000 on 20 surgeries in an attempt to make himself look Korean. He even spoke about getting a penis reduction to make it look as realistically Korean as possible.

He specifically wanted to resemble BTS star Jimin. Here they are side by side:

In May this year, Oli had a realisation: he wasn’t just Korean, he was a transgender Korean. In other words, a Korean woman.  And so he began to identify as such and got several more surgeries (bringing his total spend to £250,000), and ended up looking like this:

Well not 6 months later, he’s done a total U-turn and realised this whole transformation was a big mistake, telling Fox News:

‘I realise that was a big mistake and I just want to be a boy.

But is it any wonder people like me and young people want to change their gender when we have normalisation of this in our schools in this country?

Children are taught from a young age, from the age of five in some cases, that it’s okay to change their gender, it’s okay to wear a skirt, it’s okay for a boy to use the gender neutral toilet when it puts girls at risk.”

Wow, is Oli going all Milo Yiannopoulos on us? He also went on about the culture wars, the absurdity of self-identity, and the ‘erosion’ of the alpha male:

“This is the new norm and schools are teaching about toxic masculinity, they’re eroding the alpha male.

The alpha straight male has been eroded. What happened years ago when kids used to idolize Superman and astronauts. Now kids are being pushed by this radical ideology.

They’re taught to idolize weak men like Harry Styles. Weak men like Beto O’Rourke.”

As a British guy who spent a fortune becoming a Korean woman and regretted it to the point of detransition, I guess it makes sense to have Oli London’s perspective on this sort of thing. Still, the LGBT community isn’t happy with him throwing trans people under the bus just because he didn’t have a great experience in those years he lived as a Korean woman.

The way he sees it though, he’s saving young kids from rushing into life-changing decisions. Otherwise, they might end up spending tens of thousands of pounds not only transitioning to the opposite sex but also into a whole other race! Not ideal if it’s not something you’re 100% sure on, clearly…

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