JD Sports Security Guard Takes On Gang Of 4 On His Own & Absolutely Demolishes Them

A wild 4-on-1 brawl kicked off inside JD Sports in Westfield, East London, after a security guard caught a gang of teenagers trying to shoplift. The fight actually spilled outside to Boost Juice Bar, and fair play to this one man army of a security guard – he was all the way up for it:

Absolutely shredded them. The man is an absolute Terminator. The way he charged up his neck muscles and perfectly executed that first headbutt was a 10/10. Completely took that young man out the game!

I don’t know why people are yelling “what you doin’?!” at him like he isn’t in the middle of a 4-on-1 fight, but hopefully he gets some kind of reward for that effort rather than have the complete opposite happen. It could go either way really – he could get a raise and ‘Employee of the Month’ or he could end up sacked and arrested for the way he brutalised those boys. Oh well, hopefully it’s the former. Fully qualified for the job from what I can see.

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