Man Runs Into High School Classmate Who Used To Bully Him & Karma Hit Him Hard (VIDEO)

There can’t be too many feelings more satisfying than seeing the person who used to bully you in high school living like a bum on the streets, but wouldn’t you also feel a bit sorry for them?

Not this guy. He was so chuffed to see his high school bully struggling that he just had to get out of his car and let him know how much he was loving it:

Welp, talk about a role reversal. Which might actually make the person behind the camera worse than the high school bully? After all, they were kids back then. As an adult, you should know better than to kick a man when he’s down, even if you’re still resentful about how they treated you in high school all those years ago.

Note how the guy just sat there in silence, taking it and staring at him. Dude really looks like he has nothing to lose. He’s probably thinking “yeah keep it up mate, I’m going kill you one of these days”. Not even joking. He’s 100% tracking him down later and stabbing him to death. You simply do not mess with people who have nothing to lose.

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