Mully & SHVMAN, Rily Shay – Stranded (Conjure One Remix)

Mully & SHVMAN with Rily Shay – Stranded (Conjure One Remix)

RATING: (18.3/20)
Energy: 8.3/10
Emotion: 10/10

It’s time to further broaden our horizons. Introducing Mully 🇨🇦, a bass music producer with inspirations from ambient, tech house & chill and also a quite popular name locally. He founded Emengy in 2013, dedicated to bass music both raw & melodic. A few years later, the sublabel Emengy Deep was born, focused more towards ambient, chillout, trance, house, etc. This year’s main creation from him has been ‘Stranded’, a future bass song with his longtime partner SHVMAN 🇨🇦 & rising vocalist Rily Shay 🇺🇸. We recapped the legendary Andy Moor’s remix the week we came back from our hiatus (Homecoming) & we’re astonished to see another legend on remix duties: Rhys Fulber aka Conjure One 🇨🇦. As ½ of Delerium 🇨🇦🇦🇹, together with Bill Leeb, they’ve been in the scene since the mid-80s. One of the pioneers of ambient electronica and famous for their hit Silence w/ Sarah McLachlan. Back to Conjure One, let’s check out his epic interpretation of Stranded!

The remix revolves heavily around the vocal, and deservedly so. The great effort from Rily is given plenty of space to breathe & shine, but not at the expense of anything else because the mixing is very accurate. Rhythm is established through spine-tingling breakbeats & soft chords. The ambient fills then start coming in waves, the sounds are diversified though nature seems to be the common theme. The result is a musical production capable of delivering an exceptional atmosphere, it’s an experience more than anything! We wouldn’t be surprised to see this featured on an OST.

The energy rating is relative to the genre, and we think this mix carries itself well. Much like Rhys, Mully & SHVMAN are also feeling the Trance remixes coming towards their originals! Over the past few years, we’ve seen AVA A-Star Artists Andy Moor, Somna, Yang + Ride Recordings owner Myon remix them- and that’s not all! Somna’s remix is coming next to mark his 3rd one for Mully & SHVMAN.

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