ON THE SESH Reviews ‘Inertia’ by Darren Porter

There’s a nice thumping kick and sub on this that grabs you by the belly and rattles you as soon as it kicks in on the intro.

The pace continues to pick up on this belter with layers of intro plucks, vocal harmonies  and everything else on top.

The breakdown drops and the gorgeous piano rift hits along with the vocal choir and you’re immediately uplifted and hit with a huge crash and WALLOP! .. the plucks hit back ready for the build!

Darren has created uplifting heaven with this banger, the drop hits heavy and the drive in this track is incredible! Definitely a true FSOE banger and I recommend this track highly to any trance fanatic!

Ladies and gentlemen

Darren Porter – Inertia (out now on FSOE)

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