ON THE SESH REVIEWS: Innocence – Everlight

‘One of the trance scenes most promising artists joins us now at Mass with this balearic styled trancer.

As soon as we heard this from Everlight it was a no brainer. Unique sounding trance at its best.

We promise you will love this’ –  MASS

This is a no nonsense shoulder swinger with a nicely balanced and blended kick drum and bass complimented by groovy percussion.

The track flows wonderfully into a mystical breakdown that you really loose yourself in, you find yourself capturing different sounds on the ear the whole time throughout.

As the breakdown draws to a close the build grows and grows and perfectly flows into the drop and  you’re straight back into the main rift and shoulder swinging.

Fantastic track beautifully produced and really thought through.

This is no hole stomper, it’s totally stripped back to what real trance is all about !

If you like the old school balieric sound, with a twist of modern  production technique.. this one should be on your USB.


Release Date: October 8th 2018

Label: MASS



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