On The Sesh Reviews – Tasso – What The (FSOE Clandestine)

Tasso – What The

Love the intro on this! Nice driving techno vibes with a deep vibrant sub pushing through lovely with the kick drum.

The percussion on this is simply relentless and together with the kick and sub creates that banging tech feel that you can’t help but start fist pumping too.

When the breakdown drops in the vocal sample comes out of nowhere and I tell you now, it’s cool as hell!!

I love the way the melody is automated in and builds nicely for the big drop! Huge heavy balls dropping bass full of energy and drive on the rift with some sexy as hell acids and plucks!

I must say as far as tech trance goes Tasso has just got it and I’m loving his work and can’t wait to hear more from him.
Tasso…I salute you! More of this please!


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