ON THE SESH with Kristian Nairn

Firstly… welcome to the ON THE SESH hot seat! We have featured some huge names in dance music but we have to be honest..  we got over excited when we managed to get hold of you! 

Can you introduce yourself to the guys and girls?!

Hey, I’m Kristian Nairn, I hail from just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland.. Lisburn to be precise.  I’m a Dogfather of 3, and I’m a bit of a car enthusiast!

You’re obviously very well known for your role as Hodor in Game Of Thrones, but we know that you’ve been DJ’ing long before that.  Can you tell us how and why you took it up?

I was a prolific club goer when I was in my teens and twenties.  Going to clubs and the music that is intrinsically connected with it is really how I found my tribe, and even part of my own identity.  I was always in awe of the DJ, and how they could control the vibe of the room.. so it was a natural step for me, paired with my other musical training to take up the reins at some point.

What was your first ever gig and how did it go?

It was back in 1999, and I filled in for DJ who had called in sick.  Jesus, it was a mess if a think about it.  My mixing ability was shonky to say the LEAST..  but I stand by my song track choices to a certain degree.  I always knew how to throw down a good bass line 😉

You’ve played some major venues all over the world including Pacha, Ministry Of Sound and Mambo, what’s been your favourite venue to play so far and why?

So hard to pick.  Some are just incredibly memorable because of the reputation of the venue.  Ibiza, is always a special place to play.  I would go back there anytime when asked.  I love when you find a jewel of a venue … like Kingdom in Austin, or The Church in Denver, or Magnolia in San Francisco… actually I could go on and on.

Who are your biggest influences when it comes to DJ’ing and track selection?

Danny Tenaglia was always my biggest influence.  I think he can construct a set like nobody else, and I have a huge admiration for him because of that.  Also Grant Nelson.. one of the most skilled DJ’s I’ve ever had to pleasure to play with.

You also produce your own tracks! Can your tell us a bit more about how and when you started and a little about the tracks You’ve done to date?

I’ve been making tracks for years honestly, but because I love such a wide variety of house music, I initially found it hard to nail down a signature sound.  Its taken a LOT of trial and error, but I truly feel that I’ve got there, and am leaning towards my roots of proper progressive house, with a lick of a trance vibe thrown in.  Lots of original tracks ready and in the pipeline, and also a few more reworks/remixes coming too.

Geek question, what software and hardware are you rocking at the minute?

I keep it as simple as possible.  I use Logic and Cubase depending really.  Being able to play the piano has been a huge advantage too.

What have you got coming up gig wise and release wise?

It’s an extremely busy year.  I have loads of gigs and festivals coming up.  The best way to find out is to watch my social media or check my website www.kristiannairn.com.  Same goes for releases.  I aim to have a good bunch of tracks out by the end of 2019.

Looking forward, is there anywhere you want to play that you haven’t as yet?

Honestly its the venues that surprise me, where I really don’t know what to expect, and It turns out to be absolutely incredible.  I love nights like that, and they stick in my memory for a very long time.  So, more of those please!

Thank you for speaking to us at ONTHESESH.COM ! Please, let us see you out.. we’ll hold the door :-/

Check out Kristian’s webpage for all upcoming gigs and releases HERE and his SoundCloud HERE 

For booking enquiries contact: guy@coalitiontalent.com


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