On The Sesh with Tibasko

Hey Guys, Thanks for taking time out to answer some questions for OTS.

So you guys have had an amazing year and gone from strength to strength. How did you guys get into DJ’ing?

Together we have accumulated around 10 years of DJ experience, we came from DJ’ing at friends parties and 18th birthdays. We enjoyed listening to a certain sound that we were hearing from the clubs in London and began pursuing that. We bought some old equipment and began DJ’ing in our bedrooms until we believed we were ready for someone to listen to us.

How did you guys meet? 

We both went to school together from Year 7 and have been great mates ever since. We both were very interested in music but didn’t imagine we would be doing anything like this.

Your new EP ‘Alma’ has  hit over 750,000 hits on Spotify, how does that make you feel?  

It was really amazing when we hit 10,000 plays on Spotify, we were over the moon it was so well received. So for it to hit every benchmark that we aimed for in a short space of time was incredible! It solidified our beliefs that we were doing something right, especially to say that it was the first release on our own imprint Omusaré Records. Everything that touched that EP was completely made by us which makes us even more proud.

What’s your plans for upcoming releases? Any exclusives details 🙂 ? 

At the moment we have a backlog of music that we are sitting on, some unreleased stuff has been picked up and played by Denis Sulta, Hammer. Big Miz, Cromby and many more. We are in talks with very exciting labels at the moment but nothing we can say definitively. We are planning another EP on our own label again that really shows our diversity in our productions style.

You both have a long history with production in all types of genres. What’s your favourite sound to make ? 

We love to make different music, something that hasn’t been heard before. We adopt many productions tactics and styles to give our send the edge. Ken is currently travelling south east Asia where he is sampling worldly sounds to take into our productions. House and Techno is always where we’ll call home though, taking influences from anywhere  such as jazz, disco and ambient sounds.

Your signature sound is a Tribal/African/Brazilian ? How did that come about and whats the inspiration behind that ?

We always like to tie back our productions with a hint of Tribal and Worldly percussion’s, something that takes us back to the primitive times about natural sounding drums that we can all relate to on some level. Simplicity and Naturalism is the key to a great tribal sounding track..

You have been in DJ MAG recently for Artists to watch out for in 2019 how does that feel seeing all the hard work paying off?

We were blown away with being printed in DJ mag as ones to look out for in 2019 and are so grateful for it. We have so much more we want to accomplish but yes this is definitely a step in the right direction, i don’t think we will fully be satisfied until we can one day call music our full time jobs. We have many more goals to fulfil in 2019 but we are very happy with our progress so far.

With playing some of the biggest venues in the UK in 2018, what’s the plan and bookings looking like in 2019? 

We have taken a back step from outwardly looking for gigs during 2019, we want to focus purely on our own music so that we can perfect that craft. We do have some very exciting bookings coming in however as we Headline our first ever show in Newcastle on the 1st of March, playing for BlockParty. We also have just announced that we will be playing at El Dorado festival this year for the second time as well and continuing our residency and partnership with No Particular Order, they are a very exciting Website, Label and Event that ticks all of our boxes for how the music industry should behave and run.

Awesome! Thanks again for speaking to us. 

You can can check out their Soundcloud here !

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