Orkidea feat. Lowland – From Within

Another review and another 🇫🇮 giant! This time it’s Orkidea, Trance & Progressive DJ/producer since the 90s. He is one of Scandinavia’s leading DJs, known for his distinctive productions on esteemed labels like AVA, Solaris, Armada, Black Hole, Pure Trance, Universal Music, Anjunabeats, and of course VII where he’s part of the roster. As a fun fact, Orkidea was also lead sound designer at Nokia in 2008! Today’s occasion is a reunion with his good 🇫🇮 friend, Lowland (also known as Strobe). The BAFTA-nominated composer, musician, and producer is known for his ‘Classical Trancelations’ compilations on Armada, composed of orchestral editions of the biggest classics of all time. He also composed music scores for Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake & Quantum Break, and the film Imaginaerum.

Rich kicks and deep beats slowly establish a chilling atmosphere. The powerful, dirty synths then wake up to the sound of the female vocals. The beats keep getting groovier while heart-touching melodies make the approach alongside the vocals. This combination gives birth to an enchanting moment where the melodic loop goes into uplifting mode, while razor-edged synths and dreamy basslines collide. The elements synergize well with the help of arps, choirs, and neat sound design. 

Beauty that goes beyond what we expected! And that’s saying something, knowing the talent of the Finnish legends. As with most of their team-ups, there’s a balance between their styles/attributes. Finally, huge congratulations to this year’s Finnish Head of Music: Orkidea. 

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