1, Hey guys, right this is a question for you both, what genres did you both start out in ?

(DELGADO) Hi guys nice to meet you and On The Sesh Magazine,i started Djing/mixing seriously from 1986 in the heady Chicago//Acid house days.

(Darren) I started out back in he early 90’s with Trance and still love all the old classics but as time has progressed I have fallen in love with Jackin and Tech House


2, Which do you prefer Jackin House or Tech House?


DELGADO) Jackin House or Tech House, Its a contentious area of questioning for me, Jackin house in some way shape or form has been my life blood since the early 90’s and has been a major part of my 20 plus years producing records, with countless No 1 chart positions across the many download stores and huge vinyl sales previous to that and voted at the top end of Jackin artists in the world for many years, I’m going to say JACKIN right? well no I’m not, my music is probably a mixture of Jackin and Tech so my final answer? Jackin Tech House Or Techin Jack House 🙂
(Darren) I have a soft spot for both Genres and really like a mixture of both, the tunes Delgado and I are making at the moment is a bit of everything in one Tune or as Delgado said Techin Jack.. you heard it here first Folks we said it first..
3, Darren you used to be a Trance DJ.. do you still love trance and would you do a trance gig if it was offered ?
(Darren) I don’t have the back up of tunes these days but if someone asked me to play trance I would always consider it as my main love is making people dance.


4, What keep’s your passion for music and the rave scene alive ?
(DELGADO)Good question, we see most every DJ/producer saying to coin a phrase “house is a feeling” blah blah blah,it seems very trendy and on point and to say this and follow the crowd by adding “music is my life”,for a limited number this of course is completely true and you would certainly say for me it really is,coming from a hugely musical family the life blood of music was always going to be weaved into the fabric of my life,making music creating new tracks finding a new ways of making say for example something as simple as a  new snare pattern still gives the feeling of total elation,and when you open your new project the buzz of whats to come is what fires  me ,as for the rave scene whilst its unrecognisable from when i started,the goal//motivation is the same”make them dance and go home happy”
(Darren) The diversity of people who still attend some of these nights is brilliant, Delgado and I are a touch older these days and have been in the Industry for a very long time so love will never disappear and getting in the studio together is a lot of fun and we just get on with making tunes people will enjoy.
5, Delgado, It’s well known you are just a machine when it comes to making music one of my personal favourites is [Hello] what is the driving force behind this and where do you find all the inspiration and motivation?  
(DELGADO) My mind is a hugely busy and creative place both musically and in business and thankfully after all these years it still fires ideas usually every second of every day!!(no Kidding), sounds of any environment I’m in, any type of music,the sound of a passing car etc etc any thing really it all translates into musical pattern which then i often make a note of ready for the next session,and of course any form of music i love jazz the raw hits hugely influence my music.


6, The two of you are always in the studio making music and I’ve seen you both having a laugh and a joke and a selfie(lol) on your socials, how integral is that laying down a massive hit.

Darren and i are of a similar humour level and  music is surely meant to be fun i think its often made to look otherwise by some so if i can laugh take the piss and create quality records then i will,a relaxed studio is a creative studio we really don’t care for image,all the  bullshit and smoke and mirrors this industry is often full of,worry about your own standards not what every one else is doing.


7, You have a label called Groove Code, tell me about that and what are you hoping to achieve for the end of 2019. ?

Groove Code is a sister label under this huge umbrella that includes many of my labels,Groove Code is purely all about musicality,so if it grooves and moves you with a heavy bassline and driving drum programming and sweet percussion its gonna be on this label,the early promo releases are being received with huge names supporting and playing,so this label is going to be a heavy hitter on its official launch,which is to be announced, watch this space.


8, With the label being called Groove Code you’re also launching a rave night also called Groove Code in Leicester at Boxed venue. Is this something you wanted to always do and why Leicester? 

The Groove Code label night will be showcasing the very best of the label and future artists that will appear on the label,a shop window to the heavy weight music that is forthcoming, with regard to the venue choice I’ve promoted across London and surrounding areas for years with hugely successful long standing nights at such clubs as Egg, MOS Pacha and too many more to mention,so in short ive done the whole London scene,so being some one that embraces a new challenge why not pick an area and introduce the whole Groove Code sound to said area,we have heard a great deal of good things regarding Boxed in Leicester so i would say watch out Boxed here we come…with regards to the formula its always been the same…please the crowd..give them a night that no one else is select DJ’s that play to the crowd and not their own ego’s, select music that caters for your crowd, in this modern day scene  quite often a dj can loose sight of this and play music that doesn’t suit, Darren and i come from an era where the clubber not self promotion and self gain are the key to success

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