OTS sits down with WH0 to get to know the guys behind the mask’s

Wh0’s, Who I hear you say…. Well if you’re into Tech House you’ll know who Wh0 is. WH0 has blasted onto the scene with remixes for The Prodigy, Sigma also releasing on our own label Wh0 plays. With Spotify playlists and Soundcloud mixes. WH0 are firing on all cylinders


This is Wh0.


Q1, Wh0 Thank you for taking time to have a chat with us at OTS,  you formed in 2018 and you have just blown up on the scene, getting in the top 10 on Beatport and are becoming the hottest duo in the scene right now. Was you surprised at how fast things have blown up or was it all part of the plan,

Thank you for having us. The whole team has been working overtime and things have fallen into place (planned and un-planned). We do have an in-depth plan for the next year, So we’ll see where that takes us!


Q2  ,That sound’s exciting can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next, I’ve been a fan since you did a remix of Prodigy’s Need some1, But I have to wonder why go completely cognito ?

We wanted it to be all about the music and not about our personal identity.

Q3, Wh0 are you working with now or who would like too in the future?

We are working with Toolroom very closely on future releases and gigs. there are many artists we would like to work with in the future and are doing our best to make this happen!

Q4, After fantastic remixes, you now have a fantastic EP on Toolroom Records, What the plan for the rest of 2018 and into 2019 in terms of releases?

We have the follow-up single to ‘Sound Bomb’ coming out on our record label Wh0 Plays Records next month! We also have our follow-up single ‘Marys Poppin’’ coming out on 3Beat later this year! We are currently lining up more releases for our own label and signings on Toolroom and other labels for next year!

Q5, Your new EP Devotion as a very Disco/Tech vibe to it, is that the primary sound you guys are looking for or are you making what you feel is relevant at this time?

We are just focusing on Disco Tech House at the moment with the occasional Tech House release.

Q6, You have just played ADE in Amsterdam for 15 years of Toolroom, how was it ?

We did, the party was a lot of fun and the venue was unbelievable! It was also great to finally meet some of the Toolroom family!

Q7, What events and festivals would you guy’s love to play on in 2019 and beyond ?

We are just about to leave for a 3 day tour in Mexico for the Day of the Dead which is exciting but the list is to long but to name a few; Ultra festivals, Coachella ,Burning Man, Hï Ibiza, Tomorrowland and more!

Q8, You have a Spotify playlist (Are You Pressing Play) which is an absolute brilliant selection of bangers new and old, you are currently starting a new mix series called Wh0 Plays on Soundcloud. How paramount is it you think for DJ’S  to put out mixes and free content out there for the masses? Personally I love Spotify and Soundcloud and I believe it’s a great way to get you style and music out there.

Thank you! We agree with you  Streaming in general has changed the music industry completely. In one breath its the instant discovery and connection you can make to ANY genre of music with is amazing. But in another its decreased the musics life span and ‘worth’. There is also something about having a physical copy of music you can’t beat. In terms of mixes, I think showing your skill set to the world is very Important & Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube etc. are all great ways to spread the word! The beauty of all of these platforms is your exposure can go as far as you want to push it!

Thank you guys for taking time out to talk to us at OTS hope everything goes to plan, I’ve also embedded the Soundcloud link below have a listen see what WH0 brings to the table. 






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