Raz Nitzan & Sarah Howells – Unconditional


In one of our very first reviews, we covered a legend that changed the game of vocal Trance; it’s none other than Raz Nitzan 🇳🇱. His contributions to the scene have been enormous and varied between co-productions, remarkable releases under a plethora of aliases, and songwriting contributions jointly with Sir Adrian under their Adrian & Raz project. And after all that, he continues to nurture the scene via his imprint RazNitzanMusic, THE hub for vocal Trance veterans and talents alike! As we’ve covered most of their sub-labels, the time has come to feature the main catalog while we take a look at Sarah Howells🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Though she comes from a background of indie, folk, & rock music which she’s currently embracing under her Bryde alias, she also enjoys a big legacy in Trance! Her noteworthy hits in the genre include collabs with Lange, First State, Markus Schulz, & Simon Patterson.


First is an atmospheric intro with a gleaming female adlib combined with a powerful drum scheme. The 1st climax converts the ad-libs into vocal chops, & the stellar arp formed acts as a bassline for the razor-sharp climax. A new layer of vocal chops is then stacked to make for a topline fill. Sarah’s verses arrive swiftly & are given enough room as expected from Raz’s production. With great enthusiasm, she sings about living those Unconditional moments that define your life. The use of Sun in the lyrics not only makes it special for the summer but also rings a bell to her John O’Callaghan collab. Further, the bright vibe reaches its peak during the breakdown, owing to fully revealed melodies that highlight Sarah’s curiosity about knowing more stories. The melodic 2nd climax not only has a decent commercial appeal but also a nice energy boost to give it that lively, lovely, Unconditional feeling.


Between electronic and acoustic, Sarah remains on point; great to see her showing Unconditional passion for all genres. Raz is evidently consistent with his vocal productions & songwriting. We recall Masquerade, with Roberta Harrison, which had a similar attractive, troncy, progressive touch.

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