Review – Eimear Feat Angel Falls – Fleeting Moments (Duncan Newell Remix) [Alter Ego Records]

Eimear Feat Angel Falls – Fleeting Moments (Duncan Newell Remix)

With summer in full swing it’s that time of the year when I really turn to big uplifting sounds!

I stumbled across this track and saw it was remixed by Duncan Newell,known for being the owner of Tangled Audio and Alter Ego and a host of fantastic productions It instantly grabbed my attention!

Nice big anthemic feel with this proggy monster.
Big staby leads and groovy baselines this is definitely one of those big summer time tracks.

Luscious guitar melody on this and beautiful piano chords this track sends you to heaven with a spine tingling vocal on the breakdown which builds again with those big stabby leads!

This is the sort of track worthy of a mainstage festival play and I hope to be hearing more of this throughout the summer season and beyond!

Really impressed with this track well done to Duncan and Alter Ego!

Be sure to grab it on Alter Ego
On July 1st

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