‘Sam Mitcham – Summer Sun’ Review

The title says it all, and its creator is someone who knows a great deal about what it takes to make a memorable Summertime as he is the man behind the annual Captured events on the musical mecca that is Ibiza.

Sam Mitcham’s ‘Summer Sun’ coming out on Black Hole Recordings Pure Trance sets the tone immediately with a warm driving flow, coupled with a deep seated baseline & then soft and gentle plucks greeting the ears sending ones mind into a place of sheer euphoric bliss.

The best is still yet to come…

The track melts into a gloriously peaceful breakdown; those sweet and gentle plucks carrying the mind further into its story with a beautiful piano melody that sends the listener into a complete state of summery bliss. A gently rising atmosphere makes one feel like they are ascending as the track then hits back with a bang to compete the story with its full-on, driving flow that you can only imagine will make crowds everywhere smile from ear to ear as they dance in the heat of the summer sun for years to come.

‘Sam Mitcham – Summer Sun’
Out now on pure trance and available here:

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