Scot Project – T2 (Trip)

Scot Project 🇩🇪 is considered a pioneer when it comes to Tech Trance, Techno, and especially Hard Trance. His Tech fortune began in 1994 with the help of X, followed by U in 1995, which featured a vocal sample from Little Bird by Anna Lennox. Later, It got an upgrade as U (I Got A Feeling) on Positiva (2003). He has an intriguing, unique naming system for his tracks, for example: F (Future Is Now!), FM (Feelin’ Me), L (Want Your Love), D (Don’t Go), W5 (Waiting For). And, as you may have guessed, he ventured into various other projects such as Arome, De Zenk, & Supermusique. In 2002, he co-founded Druck Records with Kan Cold under Tracid Traxxx. As expected from a label by legends of that caliber, it quickly became synonymous with quality despite -or by virtue of ?- its few releases. Now, let’s set sight on what’s at hand today, for Scot is back on Mark Sherry’s Outburst with a smasher to close the year… This is T2 (Trip)!

The trip starts with thick bass & flashy horns. Then, hasty synths let the beats kick faster for a strong, hearty build-up. Accompanied by filthy, groovy, and robust basslines, attention is drawn to the fortifying space through an exotic acapella! It evokes the idea of ditching your frustrations, setting your mind free, and following them on this journey. And a journey it is! All the while, bubbly synths are establishing contact with the fiery groove. The ground can’t hold its energy and that’s when the meaning from all elements comes into a whole! Galvanic, uplifting arps light up the way to the vitalizing climax; dynamic stormy kicks team up with lighter, crunchy melodies.

Influenced by freedom & space vibes, this oldschool Tech-themed juggernaut is a perfect way to close the year for Outburst & Scot. As usual: a unique title, cheeky bass, techy groove, retro synths, kicky climax are just mind-blowing from the boss. We can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us next year!

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