The Goverment Issues Warning Over ‘Sleepy Chicken’ – The Crazy New TikTok Food Trend

There’s a brand new TikTok trend doing the rounds and it involves braindead teens cooking chicken in NyQuil and claiming that it helps with cold symptoms.

The recipe is called ‘Sleepy Chicken’ and is about as disgusting as it is dangerous. The FDA has now warned parents to ensure their kids aren’t indulging in this trend, as meds that are boiled become much more powerful and change properties. Even inhaling the vapors during the cooking process can cause lung damage, or worse. Here’s one TikTok chef showing how it’s done:

Amazing. I read an article once that China created TikTok to make America dumber and I’m becoming more convinced every time one of these dumb new trends goes viral.

The maddest part is that you just know someone on TikTok is going to claim that the government doesn’t want us to know the real cure for flus and colds, which is why they want to suppress the recipe for Sleepy Chicken. They want to keep us all sick and dependent on Big Pharma! Although at a stretch I can see why people might think that Nyquil and chicken were an effective combination. After all, chicken is used in so many flu and cold recipes, especially chicken soup which is one of the best cures there is. Still, you’d think at the very least your gut instinct would intervene to let you know it’s a bad idea, but not when it comes to so many Americans apparently. Thoughts & prayers.

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