Tritonal – Piercing The Quiet (10th Anniversary Remixes: Part 1)

Tritonal – Piercing The Quiet (10th Anniversary Remixes: Part 1) [MULTI TRANCELATION]

RATING: (52/60)

Congratulations to Enhanced heads Tritonal 🇳🇱🇺🇸 for their 1st album ‘Piercing The Quiet’ celebrating its 10th Anniversary & their label reaching 500 releases! The 2011 album includes many epic classics such as Piercing Quiet, Broken Down, Slave, & Murakami. These are some of their best Neo Trance productions. Not to forget noteworthy vocal performances from Cristina Soto 🇺🇸, Fisher 🇺🇸, & Meredith Call 🇳🇱 🇺🇸. For today’s matter, the milestones are marked with upgrades from Elevven 🇮🇷 🇮🇳 🇺🇸: see our ‘One Last Time’ review, Sunny Lax 🇭🇺: Anjuna veteran, & John Grand 🇺🇸: Euphonic, Enhanced Prog etc. and lead singer & producer of New Division.

Still With Me (Elevven Remix)

Energy: 8.9/10
Emotion: 8.4/10

The lyrics say “Slow Down” but the duo bolted things up! They tried to keep the original romantic ballad vibes while groovy beats & sturdy kicks fill up the energy. The fastened beats & kicks occupied by Soto’s vocals spice things up with fiery arps & loopy synths, coming up with a climax balanced between melody & energy. Also notable is the fact that the Suncatcher 🇷🇴 Remix played an inspirational role for the chord progression in this one!

Slave (Sunny Lax Remix)

Energy: 8.7/10
Emotion: 8.8/10

Mr. Lax’ remix has influences from the original: electric bassline & melody, which he used for his Prog Tronce signature! Razor-shaped sound design, bouncy beats, & powerful kicks frame Fisher’s memorable vocals. Her performance reminds us of Nadia Ali 🇱🇾 🇺🇸! The iconic original melody got a euphoric uplifting touch, to go with lively cheerful synths & spry beats at the climax– my favorite part!

Broken Down (John Grand Remix)

Energy: 8.5/10
Emotion: 8.7/10

John let Meredith’s addictive vocals & heartbreaking lyrics shine more with his lively melodies. He also added catchy synths to give it a new taste, while the melodies supporting the vocals blend in well. Those who didn’t know this Tritonal classic before would think this is a new collab between John & Meredith, that’s how modernized it is!

This remix package took me back to my high-school days listening to the album while studying!

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