Uni Students Storm Out Of Diversity Panel After Biologist Says Men And Women Are Different

Over at Portland State University in the US, philosophy professor Peter Boghossian held a panel titled ‘We Need To Talk About Diversity’. Joining him were biologist Heather E. Heying, writer Helen Pluckrose and ex-Google engineer James DaMore (the guy who got fired for arguing that Google had gone overboard in its attempt to promote diversity).

Eventually, all hell broke loose…

Let’s see what Heying said that caused such outrage:

Let’s look at differences between men and women that are explicitly anatomical and physiological; are men taller than women on average? Does anyone take offense at that fact?

Well apparently that was too controversial for some in attendance, including this gender-ambiguous duo, who seem pretty pleased with themselves tbf…

They didn’t just leave the room, they decided to destroy the sound system on their way out too.

We then get this person saying ‘Nazis are not welcome in civil society’:

Well I’m sure we can all agree on that much, but the fact he’s comparing a biologist, a philosophy teacher and an ex-Google engineer to Nazis is pretty ridiculous.

To think this all happened just because someone pointed out there are physiological and biological differences in men and women. Sigh…

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