Woman Says She Makes Her Boyfriend Pay For Everything Because She’s ‘An Investment’

To an extent, traditional gender roles can be a beautiful thing – even in 2022. But having your boyfriend pay for literally everything? Seems to be working out OK for this young couple in London.

Hannah Chan, 27, says she lets her boyfriend Ed Reay, 22, pay 100 percent of their rent, bills and holidays.

You see, Hannah views herself as an ‘investment’ and believes in being provided for, a philosophy she embraced after she kept finding herself on dates with non-assertive men who couldn’t take the lead.

Hannah wanted someone who could “dominate” and provide for her, which is where business owner Ed Reay, 22, steps in. The pair hit if off online in May 2021 and two weeks later Ed flew over from his native Canada to meet Hannah, eventually moving to London full-time to be with her in September that year.

Gradually as their relationship progressed, Ed started taking on more financial responsibility and now pays for all their dates, rent, bills and holidays. Amazingly, Hannah has a her own job – she’s a part-time business consultant in Canary Wharf. But that doesn’t mean she should contribute financially, oh no:

“I started to realise that in a relationship I didn’t want to be the dominant one and I wanted someone who could provide for me.

Before I had always viewed my business success and money I earnt as my value in dating, but I realised I didn’t want that.

After meeting Ed, he told me he wanted to provide for me.

We have a 100/100 relationship – he provides financially, and I give him 100 per cent when it comes to support and love and little things like bringing him a smoothie after a stressful day.”

Hannah says the arrangement helps Ed feel like a man:

“At the beginning, he would just pay for dates, and then he started paying for me to get my nails done and now he covers our rent and bills.

My value comes from supporting him and balancing the masculine energy.”

As for the housework, Hannah takes care of that… by calling the cleaner:

“I’ll sort the cleaner and do the cooking and food shopping.

Ed doesn’t value money the most – he values being supported and cared for.

He thinks of me as an investment as I’ve supported him, and it’s meant he now makes three times what he used to earn.”

Listen, fair play to these two. It sounds like an arrangement they’re both totally comfortable with so more power to them. Who cares if everyone on the internet is calling Hannah a gold digger and Ed a Canadian simp? As long as it works for them, it’s all good – I bet The Mirror even sorted them (well, Hannah) out a few bags for this article and all.

As long as Ed keeps bringing the £££ in and Hannah keeps bringing him that smoothie after a stressful day, the world is their oyster. Best of luck to the happy couple. Sky’s the limit for these two!

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