A Bunch Of Chileans Wrapped A Thief In Cling Film Like A Mummy After He Beat Up An Old Man

In what might be the greatest bit of vigilante justice I’ve ever seen in all my years on the internet, a group of fed-up Chileans performed a citizen’s arrest on a thief by wrapping him up around a lamppost using cling-film.

Here’s how he ended up:

Apparently the thief was spotted robbing the old man and a bunch of Good Samaritans teamed up to deal with the situation, which I guess is better than waiting for the police to show up. It might even be better than beating the guy to a bloody pulp, which we’ve seen many times in these sorts of clips out of south America, but doesn’t seem to deter criminals whatsoever. Maybe being cling-filmed into oblivion will?

Only thing they’ve got to worry about now is whether this crook re-emerges from his cling-film cocoon as some kind of supervillain hell-bent on revenge against all those who made a viral spectacle of him. He could end up doing a lot worse than robbing random old men in the middle of the street if that’s the case. Oh well, guess that’s Chile’s problem to deal with now.

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