Finland’s 36-Year-Old PM In Big Trouble For Partying Till 4AM After Being Exposed To Covid

Meet Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. The 36-year-old took office last year in the middle of the pandemic and by all accounts guided her country through the crisis with the skill of a much more experienced politician.

So all was going well in Marin’s first year as PM… until it was revealed she recently celebrated her 36th birthday by going clubbing in Helsinki till 4am. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a big deal except that she left her phone at home, meaning she was unreachable to get a text telling her she needed to quarantine, as she had been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

The Finnish tabloids published photos of Marin clubbing into the early hours at Helsinki’s Butchers venue…

Now I’m not gonna pretend to understand the inner workings of the Finnish government or what kind of issues they’re dealing with over there, Covid or otherwise. But I think I speak for a large segment of Brits fed up with our own government when I say we could use an attractive young PM who goes partying till 4am over bumbling old men in their 60s who lie to our faces and then mock us when they think no one’s watching. After all, what better way to blow off some steam after a busy day of cabinet meetings, international phone calls and speeches than by raving your butt off till 4am? Sanna Marin can run my county any time!

Besides, as per the BBC, Marin has already apologised, and added that she tested negative upon seeing the test on Sunday. All’s well that ends well eh? Let Sanna Marin party!

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