Get Connected, Not Infected

Social Distancing, Covid-19, Hand Sanitizer; Just a few words dominating the news and our Facebook walls since the last few days. 

But what does it mean for us, the social creatures of the night?

Governments are taking actions, some more severe then others. Events are getting cancelled everywhere. Toilet paper will soon be rationed. They are telling us to stay away from crowds, don’t sneeze on each other and definitely stop licking strangers. Let’s be honest… we all love being on a dance floor, rubbing shoulders with other hopefully-not-too-sweaty ravers. That might not be the best idea at the moment.

Luckily a few clubs and DJs are stepping up and are making these weeks of lock downs and distancing more bearable. The Belgian Kompass Klub turned their Saturday night into a “Lockdown Session”. Charlotte De Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano played as planned. Just not in the club but on Facebook livestream. Using the slogan “Get connected, Not infected” anyone with an internet connection and a Facebook account could join in. 

…And it worked! 

Kompass went from a local Belgian club to a 17k online audience of home ravers. They were definitely not the only ones either, Indecent Noise went online and played for hours. Pandamonium in New York City got cancelled very last minute but managed to stream the whole night. Paul van Dyk teamed up with Chris Bekker to make sure their fans got entertained. Even John Legend will be streaming a live concert from his home soon.

So ravers, stay strong and hang in there. Make sure your internet connection is working well. Leave the toilet roll and pasta for the people that need it and stock up on red bull and maybe a bottle of vodka or something. You will not get bored! For the brave ones amongst you, just go live yourself and show us your best dance moves, you can even get your cat or dog involved. Whatever you like. 

Just know that this will end and we shall all be set free again to enjoy our usual escapades again, for now be sensible and stay safe.

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