Man’s Bladder Explodes After He Got Drunk And Held In His Piss For 18 Hours

We’ve all experienced that feeling of needing to piss so badly that you literally feel like you’re about to explode, and the feeling of pure bliss that comes with finally finding a spot to empty out your bladder.

What would happen if you kept that urine in for 18 HOURS though? Well you would be in for a world of pain, not to mention putting your life in danger.

According to the NY Post, a 40-year-old Chinese man’s bladder literally burst after he ‘unknowingly’ held in his pee for 18 hours after a beer binge. The man, identified only as Mr. Hu, fell asleep after downing 10 bottles of beer during a drinking session the night prior, without heeding nature’s call once.

After waking with excruciating abdominal pains, Mr. Hu reported to the to Zhuji People’s Hospital in Zhejiang, eastern China, where a CT scan revealed that his bladder was torn in three places. The pee-induced pain was so intense that Hu was unable to lie flat, and couldn’t even relieve himself of his massive urine backlog despite several attempts.

Worse still, one of the holes had ruptured toward his abdominal cavity and forced part of his intestines to spill into the bladder (!) — a complication doctors deemed potentially fatal if not fixed immediately.

Luckily for Mr. Hu, they were able to save his life via emergency surgery, and he has since been released after making a full recovery.

Dr. Bradley Gill, urologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, tells Live Science:

When you drink alcohol, it causes the body to produce more urine than usual, so that can potentially contribute to the bladder being full.

When accompanied by an inebriated individual being less aware of this fullness, this can result in traumatic bladder rupture.

What I don’t understand is how Mr. Hu’s body didn’t wake him up to go to the toilet or why he didn’t just piss himself in bed like a normal drunk adult? How the hell do you ‘unknowingly’ hold in urine for 18 hours anyway? Poor guy had a near-death experience from drinking 10 beers and falling asleep.

Fair enough, 10 beers will get anybody drunk but it’s hardly an amount that would put you into a deep sleep coma from which even a full bladder can’t wake you. Isn’t the body’s natural instinct in that situation to just void regardless of anything else? Maybe it’s got to do with the diet over there or something.

In any case, make sure you let the floodgates open any time you’re on the lash. Don’t want to end up like Mr. Hu here.

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