Pioneer DJ launches App that lets you record Mixes directly from your Phone!

Pioneer DJ has just launched a new app that allows DJs to record live mixes directly to their iPhone or iPad.

The app, which is called DJM-REC, records the mix by using a USB cable linked to any of the company’s DJM-series mixers equipped with the send/return feature.

This new tool is particularly useful for DJs who have experienced clipping in their recordings, as DJM-REC controls the peak limiter in the DJ mixer to minimise clipping and distortion rather than needing to be done manually on the recording device.

Another useful function is that DJM-REC allows users to live stream directly to YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat. It also gives users the ability to upload a high quality .WAV file to Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Dropbox.

All that being said, the app is only compatible with digital send-return equipped DJ mixers. A DJ will have to be using the DJM-TOUR1, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-750MK2 or DJM-450 for the app to work.

Download the app for free via the App Store now to use the app for a 30-day free trial before the price goes up to $9.99. Find our more here

[Via: Mixmag]

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