NASA Is Sending Nudes Into Outer Space In The Hopes Of Attracting Aliens

I think at this point that most of us probably think that there is some kind of intelligent life out there somewhere in the universe, but whether or not it’s friendly and has the capability to annihilate our planet is anyone’s guess.

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With that in mind, you might think that super smart space scientists at NASA wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to track these aliens down, but obviously you would be completely and utterly wrong. Instead, these guys have come up with the foolproof plan of sending naked pictures of humans into outer space with the hope of attracting alien races as quickly as possible. I guess that’s why they earn the big bucks right?

Now, just so we’re clear these aren’t pornographic photographs or anything – they’re in fact a pixellated drawing of a man and a woman waving at the aliens so as to appear more inviting and friendly. The photograph will also include a depiction of DNA as well as an invitation to respond should an alien race stumble across the photograph.

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OK, so you can call me crazy but does this seem like an absolutely terrible idea to anyone else? Not only are we actively seeking out alien races that probably want to destroy us – or at least that we’re just not going to trust as a whole because we can’t even get on with people who look different to us within ou ownr species – but we’re also giving them our DNA so they can build some massive gene splicing weapon before they’ve even made contact with us, as well as an open invitation of how to find us?

Basically, has nobody at NASA ever seen a movie/TV show featuring aliens before? It never works out well. This is not a good idea. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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