On The Sesh with Dave Parkinson

Dave Parkinson is well renowned as being one of the most prolific producers of the last 20 years. Richard Loveday caught up with him the discuss his career so far.

Hi Dave, thank you for doing the interview with us, it’s a huge honour to have the king, wizard and all round legend trance producer have a chat with us at On The Sesh. Dave could you tell us what first got you into music?

Music has always been in me from a very young age, then learning piano and listening to a lot of early electronic music got me into wanting to become a music producer, bands like Krafwerk, Yello, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, were all huge inspirations…

What was the first instrument you picked up?

Without a doubt , the piano !!

You were in a few bands,could you tell us which bands you were a member in?

I was in a band called Happy Monday’s, many years ago! Ha! I was the keyboard player and song writer too! It was a fantastic experience touring the world and performing live on stage … I also produced Babyshambles, some of the most talented guys I’ve ever worked with ! Amazing song writers !!

Wow that is incredible! You have had your hand in many amazing things musically. If you could have one, what is your most proudest achievement?

Being on top of the pops was a big highlight for me! Watching all my hero’s on there as a child and then being on there myself! It’s a moment that will never leave me…

That is an incredible achievement! Can you tell us how you came to transition into trance?

I have been making dance music since day one! Started in 1989 and fell in love with the whole summer of love!!!! Early acid house through to rave music! So I’ve produced dance music my whole life and found myself with trance. Gives me chance to express myself musically…

You also have made some of the best if not the best sample packs in trance used by pretty much every trance producer, can you tell is a bit about them and the extent of the work involved making them?

Thank you for saying that 👍 and I made them as a tool to be creative, there’s so much content in all of them, I spend two years making one pack, so there’s a lot of inspiration in there for anyone to use! Really happy with the latest pack out on Amplifyd, I’ve started doing video tutorials for the first time as well! So very excited 😊

Can you tell us a little bit more about Amplifyd

Amplifyd is a great platform for all musicians or artists.. it offers so many options for the listener and audience , different levels and stages, it’s definitely a taste of the future , very happy to be a part of it!

Where does your inspirations come from? Your music knowledge is second to none, where do you find inspiration?

It comes from everywhere! We’re surrounded by music everyday.. you play around with chords and melodies until it hits you, or watch a film and hear an amazing film score ! It’s knowing when to seize the moment….

You are a musical genius in many’s eyes! What tips would you give an aspiring producer?

I think it’s important for producers to understand when a track needs more time spent on it, we all get excited about our new track! But labels only give it one listen and that’s it… also having a record label in mind when making a track, knowing the direction you want it to go in. It’s amazing how much that will push you forward ….

That’s is good advice for sure!

Let’s hit some quick fire questions 😊

Favourite movie?

The Exorcist

Favourite current musician/musicians?

John Lennon , he’s my hero and the best!

He’s a true hero I agree!

If you won a million pounds what’s the first thing you would buy?

An ssl mixing desk

Favourite alcoholic drink? Think I know the answer haha


Favourite takeaway 🥡


Dave I just want to thank you personally and from everyone at On The Sesh for your huge and continued contribution to music! You are a inspiration to so many and we thank you for this awesome interview, we wish you all the best in you future works and the Amplifyd Project!

It’s been a pleasure , thank you very much

Check out Dave Parkinson on Amplifyd here

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