Watch This Slow Motion Fight Between Two Fat Guys At A Pool In Houston

Let me start this off by saying that nobody is hating on dad bods – they’re the ideal body type right? – but it is funny watching these two dad bod guys squaring off at the side of the pool in Houston and thinking they’re in the UFC. In reality, they’re way heavier, bigger and most importantly slower.

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I’ve got absolutely no idea what they were beefing about but it’s really funny how both of them keep saying that they should leave it and wanna walk away but then keep coming at each other for more. Classic dad fight I suppose.

I also like the way that the guy in the green trunks seems more up for punching and fighting, whereas the other guy is more up for attempting takedowns and then ground and pounding. A real contrast between the two in terms of style:

UFC 276: Poolside dad fight

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) June 12, 2022

Lol what a funny little fight. Not really sure who was declared the winner or if it went on after that, but I’m sure that their children are super stoked that their fathers have gone viral on TikTok for such great content. A real surefire way for them not to get bullied/beaten up at school themselves, that’s for sure.

For more of the same, check out this guy with the ultimate dadbod showing you how to dock your boat like a champ. Legend.

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