Aldous feat. KNVWN – On My Own (C-Systems Remix)


Aldous 🇦🇺 and KNVWN 🇳🇱 🇺🇸 have built nice chemistry since they first collaborated in 2019. It blossomed over the years and gave us releases on RNM, Reaching Altitude, Vibrate Audio, and indeed, Pure Trance.

Individually, Aldous started in the mid-2010s with features on Black Hole, FSOE, Euphonic, Mondo, etc. What makes him more interesting is his working relationship with the legendary Stoneface & Terminal. The duo masters his releases and also remixed his tracks.

KNVWN is a charismatic vocalist who works in a multitude of genres. She’s responsible for last year’s PUBG Mobile Global Championship theme song + records on Dirty Workz & 11:11 Music.

Then there are Digital Society A&Rs, C-Systems 🇳🇴 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. A lot had changed since we last reviewed them, such as their new progressive alias “Akkima”, and their recent “Unplugged” album w/ Hanna Finsen.

Let’s see how they rendered this unexpected original.

There are 2 versions of this remix, original & intro mix. The former begins with shivering ad-libs and rolling bass in a progressive scheme, akin to uplifting. The latter starts with lovely piano notes & strings, which give a nod to “Unplugged”.

Upon reaching the breakdown with KNVWN’s soothing voice, there are 2 approaches depending on which mix you’re listening to. The original keeps the driving groove by adding pads & blooming melodies, while the intro mix carries the vocals with warm plucks on top of piano notes.

The 2-minute mark unites both mixes for an absolute gem of a climax. Layered blazing leads & a twist in the melody pattern; the original is more energy-packed but keeps its progressive essence. We love the way they used plucks in both productions.

The original is an amazing heavy “Tronce” that is unexpected from Solarstone’s imprint. C-Systems gave it a sense of festive purity, something closer to the Pure Trance sound.

It feels more like an Akkima production with its progressive vibes & the standalone intro mix, so we are curious why the duo used their main moniker.

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