HamzeH – Dancing In The Dark

HamzeH – Dancing In The Dark

RATING: (16.8/20)
Energy: 8.5/10
Emotions: 8.3/10

After Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings, its sub Flashover Black & a collab from Ferry’s UNITY project, we’re finally reviewing Flashover Trance. It has faster trance gems, some of which we previously recapped. This one is by Hamzeh Al-Abbadi aka HamzeH 🇯🇴. He’s known for a lot of things especially that Gaia influenced sound mixed with festival vibes. His release “Infinite Space” was one of my favorites ASOT releases of last year. Recently, his bootleg for Armin Van Buuren’s classic “Sail” became official with its inclusion in the Lost Tapes remix album. Now, let’s find out how his debut on Flashover made the cut.

The structure of the intro reflects the sense of a semi-uplifting production where both progressive & uplifting Trance meet. Knowing how he goes with his productions, that buildup to the first rolling climax is predictable, the voice pads & supporting synths with the bassline yet again bring back those Gaia vibes he’s famous for. Commonly, these are merged with his own festival sounds, but this time it’s held back with a small breakdown having beautiful sad strings & charming voices, which could’ve been much longer in my opinion. The fact that the leads appear right after 1 glimpse of the short breakdown shows that it’s a festival tool, it’s further proved with the lead synth sounds, bigroom buildups, & energetic dark 2nd climax. The note arrangement is nice over here & the Gaia-esque vibes during the next section of the climax do seem intriguing to make everyone dance in the dark.

He has released on lots of labels with his fusion style. There have been moments where the intention is more towards the festival vibes rather than the breakdown & vice-versa. This falls under the former, and the title checks out…where people rave to these dark vibes. I think that he’s done better & the most beautiful parts are too short, regardless, it serves the purpose which is good. We’ll get to hear longer tracks by him, like “Infinite Space”, hopefully.

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