Review – Rated R – Malevolent – Out on Mass 29/04/2019

Rated R have have been enjoying amazing success over the last few months, they have recently had an exclusive track featured on Simon Patterson’s VII Solo album and their next release ‘Malevolent’ coming out on Mass on April 29th is no exception.




adjective: malevolent

  1. having or showing a wish to do evil to others.

Rated R want to inflict auditory evil with this 142BPM Psy masterpiece. From the word go it’s a driving force of beauty. The bass and FX really sit well together, coupled with a gated vocal sample which drives the track forward and builds it up to the first break. 

Their use of vocal sample really gives you an insight in to the concept behind this track which is basically evil – “Jungle Demon – It tears living animals to shreds with its claws and then feeds upon it – has been known to attach humans”.  Following this there’s an etherial section before all hell breaks loose.

The second breakdown is accompanied by a beautiful vocal backing along with a breakbeat section and lovely plucks. Such a nice interlude amongst the evil! “Now I will be splendidly entertained watching you die like a bull in a slaughter house”.

The second drop is pure evil – absolute Psy filth – the evil laugh just makes it for me. 

I can’t describe to you how much I love this track. It has so many layers working in total harmony together it’s an absolute joy to listen to – and I’ve listened to it on repeat for the past hour! It’s a proper Psy track to me. Weird noises, samples with an underlying funky psy sound. The light and shade in this track are really highlighted and obvious and it’s almost like a fight between good and evil. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a track so aptly named. This brought evil to my ear drums.

Seriously well done guys. If this track is anything to go by I seriously can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Malevolent is out on Mass Records on the 29th April. Buy it!

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