Richard Durand & Haliene – Give Your Heart A Home

When it comes to Uplifting & Tech Trance, Richard 🇳🇱 is one of the major players without a doubt! This year he seems to be ‘Going All In’, stealing people’s hearts with fascinating vocal records such as: ‘My Guiding Light’ w/ Christina Novelli (3rd follow-up to The Air I Breathe), ‘Made Of Stone’ w/ Sarah De Warren, ‘I Matter To You’ w/ Susana, & his remix for ‘In My Heart’ by D72, O.B.M Notion & That Girl! To seal the deal and raid the charts one last time, he finally announced one of the most anticipated collaborations this year. Let’s Give Your Heart A Home with one of the Trance angels, Haliene 🇺🇸! We’ve reviewed both artists last year: Richard for his ‘Fallen’ Remix & Haliene for Gabriel & Dresden Remix of her collab with Seven Lions, ‘What’s Done Is Done’. Although she wasn’t very active in the Trance scene with original collaborations this year, she is doing really great by expanding territories in Melodic Dubstep & Pop. And for Trance devotees, there are noteworthy renditions for those songs by Sunny Lax, Craig Connelly, Will Atkinson, & Taylor Torrence!

This is an enhanced version of what Richard played last year. The vocals & lyrics haven’t changed but the build-up is more energetic & smooth. Feisty beats intensify the high-powered build-up while the vibe gets Tech-lifting thanks to the electric bassline. Among the rigorous beats, Haliene’s gleeful vocals make their appearance to push the emotional bar higher! She chants about encouraging others and giving warmth & love like you’re at home when you’re alone. Then we get a tear-jerking, euphoric breakdown that fulfills the potential of those emotional lyrics. Finally, passionate melodies pave the way for a jolly climax as they link up gratifyingly with chirpy festive beats, creating a marvelous atmosphere.

Another Tune Of The Year contestant is here! And it’s no surprise, Richard’s formula always works perfectly with Haliene’s heavenly vocals… We kinda miss the first version but we love the upgraded version even more! Needless to say, we wouldn’t mind a follow-up in the future!

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