Andrew Rayel feat. AIDYL – River

Andrew Rayel feat. AIDYL – River

RATING: (18/20)
Energy: 8.8/10
Emotion: 9.2/10

Belated Happy 29th Birthday to Andrew Rayel 🇲🇩, Find Your Harmony CEO! We wish him an abundance of happiness & health. As a gift, we prepared this trancelation of his new single w/ vocalist AIDYL. Andrew started producing his music by the age of 13, and his breakthrough came 4 years later. His Aether Mixes are known to be his best Trance works to date. Nonetheless, he collaborated with many legends like Armin van Buuren, ATB, W&W, Bobina, Christian Burns, Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli, & Sylvia Tosun. His first compilation “Mystery Of Aether” was released in 2013, before his 1st album “Find Your Harmony” in 2014 & “Moments” in 2017. On the 250th episode of his radioshow Find Your Harmony, he announced that his label “inharmony” would be rebranded with the same name. Now onto AIDYL: We didn’t know her true identity but she has a collab called “Weather” w/ Michael Badal on Magik Muzik, which even got remixes from TaylorX & Mark Jay. We’ve noticed her notable vocal performance since then.

We start with radiant beats amidst brief water flow sounds in the background. As we reach the breakdown, dashing arps & synths accompanied by a vocal loop join the mix. Then, alluring piano melodies & echoes enter with the main vocal verse, which is where the beauty of the track lies: tempting melodies & powerful beats supporting AIDYL’s delicate vocals. She’s singing romantic & motivational lyrics like a River that will wash away all your pain as if it’s holy water. Next come the festive & passionate synths that elevate all elements to a more heart-touching state and, as a result, the magnificent arrangement builds catchy climaxes that enchant every listener through their smooth flow.

Rayel has made another successful vocal hit! He has certainly found his harmony with AIDYL’s blissful, fervid vocals. The latter is a nice addition to the Female Trance Vocalists scene.
Fun fact: Roxanne Emery & her sidekick helped in the creation of this gem!

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