C-Systems & Christian Zechner & Hanna Finsen – Farewell

C-Systems & Christian Zechner & Hanna Finsen – Farewell

RATING: (17.8/20)
Energy: 9/10
Emotions: 8.8/10

C-Systems is a duo composed of Akki Hisham 🇳🇴 & Matt Allen 🇬🇧 (aka Bushi). It was formed by Akki & Henning Wilhelmsen (aka STARO) at first, but the latter left the project & was replaced by Matt in 2011. They mostly release on Enhanced & its subs (Always Alive & Digital Society), in fact, they’re A&Rs @ DS-R. Also, they appeared on: Pure Trance, Raz Nitzan Music, Grotesque, Blue Soho, & many more. That includes many collaborations with Hanne Dagfinsen 🇳🇴, aka Hanna Finsen, which are mostly guaranteed hits. Apart from the duo, she also worked alongside the likes of Denis Kenzo, DJ T.H, Costa, & A.R.D.I. For this track, “Farewell”, the trio teamed up with another 🇳🇴 fellow that is also a Trance, Progressive & Breaks producer: Christian Zechner. C-Systems remixed him thrice so they aren’t strangers to each other. Chris has releases on Unearthed, Suanda, Bonzai Back Catalogue, Trance-All-Stars Records, & other underrated labels.

“Farewell” begins with dark domineering beats & kicks in a solid & energetic build-up. Hanna’s passionate voice slowly emerges, ornamenting the beats & doubling the energy. Emotional & catchy lyrics went perfectly with her powerful vocals. The beautiful piano melodies haunted by the emotional chorus verse were uplifted by dynamic synths to introduce a captivating climax. It is where mega-powered beats + alluring melodies propelled by the fetching chorus are all perfected to truly announce the potential of this hit.

An energetic track with the right amount of emotion. Hanna’s performance was massive, as usual, and it increased the beauty of the track. About the climax, I felt like the melodies were familiar and I hoped it was a bit longer. Still, it’s an impressive job.

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Christian Zechner
Hanna Finsen
DS-R (Digital Society Recordings)

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